You could have a fortune in your wallet and not know it until now (Chek your bills)

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The dollar bills and dollars could be worth a lot more money than you ever imagined. It is that few are set at the serial number of their bills, but in that little detail of paper money could hide your ticket to fortune.


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The collections are a fairly common hobby in the world, from napkins, to stamps, discographies, antiques, cars and millions of possibilities more. Sometimes the collectors are willing to go very far just to complete these collections, so much so that they arrive to pay large amounts of money to do, and has become so common that there are even television programs dealing specifically with these collectors and how to they get these valuable objects.

What if you were the owner of one of these objects and you did not know? The possibilities are somewhat scarce, but nothing is lost with search a little. Well, believe it or not, today you could be lucky enough to be the owner of one of these collectibles expensive, just open your wallet and check the serial numbers on your american dollars (USD), they are in part top right of your bill, if the number gets your attention, then today you might be in luck.

For example, if the serial number of your bill is in scale (12345678), you are the possibility 1 in 16,6 millions. Other winning combinations are the repetitions (33333333), listed at about 2,500 dollars according to CoolSerialNumbers page or also the radar combination that is on which you can read the same number both forward and backward (06200260), this has 1 chance in 10,010, at least a little closer than the first. It may also repeat the radar (26,622,662).

As you can see is quite unlikely to happen and is completely random, but I think it is quite probable, that once you read this article begin to look out for more attention to such details, and of course why not? The extra money never hurts.