Argentina—In mid-game, a dog makes a “goal” in front of a whole country

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Perhaps for many readers, soccer is not a very big or well-known sport, but in Latin America, and above all in South America, it is almost a religion. That is why it was an “enormous” surprise for fans of the of the Superclásico Argentino, when a dog entered onto the field, who besides making an enormous “goal”, was given time to make some plays only worthy of Ronaldinho.


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In a first division Argentinean soccer game, between Central Rosario and River Plate, a swift hound appears from the stands and begins to run all over the field, before leaving a “goal” of large proportions on the field. Faced with the surprise (and irritation) of the players, the security personnel try to get the dog off the field, but not without him first giving them a lesson in “joga bonito”; while dodging the guards with the insolence of a professional soccer player. This awakened the respect of the spectators, who began to shout “olé” (like the Spanish bullfighters) in view of the hound’s incredible moves. He would later be removed from the field by those very guards, but not without first taking the ovation from the audience.

The game finally ended in a tie, but the fans will not forget the four-pawed player and his enormous “goal” in the middle of the game.